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Repair your credit report with McGraw-Hill's credit repair book.

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American Landlords and Agents: Check Out Your Tenant's Credit!

Options include unrestricted access to full credit reports for those that can comply with the credit bureau requirements or credit decision reports for those that either can't or don't want to bother with the registration and inspection process required by the credit bureaus. Regardless of either case, we've got the tools and support to help you check out our tenant's credit to ensure your rental property has the best possible candidate.

Headquartered in the Tampa Bay Area of FL

Support: (725) 725-4500 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST

Results/Processing Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm EST Sat 10am-5pm EST

We Accept Small Independent Landlords: No monthly minimum requirements or account maintenance fees - ever! The only thing you should do is collect an application fee to cover your costs when you request a credit check. We charge you and then you charge your tenant an application fee. So in essence, our service can be totally free for you to use Just pay as you go and be sure to get reimbursed.

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Setting up a standard account is easily performed online

Standard eviction, criminal and credit decision reports are either faxed or emailed.

Professional account setup requires documents and a site inspection

Professional account eviction, criminal and credit reports are delivered instantly 24/7.

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Sure, but Monday-Friday 9am-7pm EST and Saturday 10pm-5pm EST are when orders are processed and delivered. After hours submissions are usually delivered by 11am EST the next business day. Telephone support for all customers is Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST. Telephone support is not available on Saturday and Sunday. Canada credit decision reports are available by email or fax and delivered in one business hour for both accounts.

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